Monday, January 19, 2009

I Know For Certain...

I've been wanting to write something for sometime now and no subject has been working for me. There are lots of things going on in the world, the Estados Unidos and in my life. But, I've been having difficulty trying to put words on paper, so to speak... I just find that all the major events of the past month or so have an element of sadness to them (at least for me) and that makes it that much harder to write about them.

Don't worry!!! I'm not falling into the pit of depression. I'm too happy for that. :)

Perhaps, it's just the way I've been looking at things...

Take the situation in Gaza. I find it hard to believe that people can take the side of a terrorist organization and condemn the Israeli government for defending itself. Yet, the nations of the world are doing just that. However, the sadness I feel (is not for the nation of Israel, they are more than able to take care of themselves) is for the mindset of those that wish to destroy Israel and those that support them in their cause. To me, it's completely irrational and yet it is widely supported. *takes a deep breath and moves on*

We get a new President tomorrow and (as much as I would like to hope) it seems that this President has already laid the groundwork for his inability to get things done. Hope and Change were the words of the campaign, but now it appears that it will be harder and take longer for either to take affect/effect (I type you decide). I certainly thought the Bush Bashing was over, but it seems it will be lasting longer than I expected. Hence the sadness. Silly me.

What have I been doing to combat this sadness?

I have been opening my Bible and reading more than I have in recent times. I have been encouraged to study different topics and get a better understanding of what God wants for me. It's working too... I can spend just a few minutes in the Word and the cares of this world cease to be an issue for me. I start to look at each issue and approach it from the direction and attitude with which God would have me to and I know for certain...

It will all will be okay.